Welcome to MULTEC.co.uk, the official online shop for Multec Ltd, open 24/7…

The Multec Office & Workshop is open Monday to Friday (10am to 5pm) & closed every Saturday & Sunday.

Our annual closures for 2021 are listed below.

Please Note: Notifications of unlisted short notice closures will be provided via our Facebook page & twitter which is displayed on our homepage.



Multec Re-open  4th January (Monday) “New Year 2021”
Multec Closed 17th March (Wednesday) “St. Patrick’s Day Holiday”
Multec Re-open 18th March (Thursday)
Multec Closed 2nd April (Friday) “Good Friday” 
Multec Closed 5th April (Monday) “Easter Monday”
Multec Re-open 6th April (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 3rd May (Monday) “Early May Bank Holiday”
Multec Re-open 4th May (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 31st May (Monday) “Spring Bank Holiday”
Multec Re-open  1st June (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 12th July (Monday) “NI Bank Holiday”
Multec Re-open 13th July (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 2nd August (Monday) “Annual Summer Shutdown”
Multec Re-open 9th August (Monday) “Back to work”
Multec Closed 30th August (Monday) “Summer Bank Holiday”
Multec Re-open 31st August (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 1st November (Monday) “1 Day Halloween Holiday”
Multec Re-open 2nd November (Tuesday)
Multec Closed 17th December (Friday) “Christmas Holidays”
Multec Re-open 3rd January (Monday) “New Year 2022”